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Makeup is more than just polish. It’s pigment. In our hands, you don’t have to be scared to take on a trend. We’ll help you select the perfect pop of color to find your signature look for the season—or the week.


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For any woman who has wished she had a professional makeup artist at her service, Rouge New York is for you. Getting your makeup done shouldn’t be an investment or even just for weddings. At Rouge New York, a flawless makeup application in a relaxed salon setting is for any time you want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.



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The Blog

  • The Truth About Make Up Myths

    January 11, 2016

    As a kid you probably heard if you made a weird face that your face would get stuck like that. I still do not cross my eyes because of this saying- thanks mom. But is that myth really true? Likely not. Although there is truth to repetitive movements leading to collagen breakdown and later wrinkles (think smile and frown lines). What about the countless make up myths? As a beauty bar we have heard it all, and even done it all. Here are some of our favorites myths.   Myth: Only the most expensive makeup works. Truth: There are stellar products and clunkers across all brands. All makeup artists have a mix of mass and prestige products in their kit.   Myth: Makeup causes acne. Truth: Makeup can be a great barrier against environmental assault. Not washing your face causes acne! Hormones cause acne. Diet contributes to acne. So wash the bus exhaust off your face but don’t worry about wearing makeup.   Myth: Pumping mascara makes for better application. Truth: Pumping mascara wand incorporates air into the tube, making the mascara dry out quicker.   Myth: Dropping and shattering make up ruins it. Truth: Poring rubbing alcohol will mend the powder back together without changing the product.   Myth: Never wear eye shadow the same color as your eyes Truth: Matching eye shadow to your eyes can look amazing!   Myth: Match foundation to the back of your wrist Truth: Wrists are usually different tones than your face. Therefore match foundation to your jawline or neck. You can use the veins in wrist to determine undertone.   Myth: There is no solution for oil blotters while out at a club or theater, etc… Truth: Use (unused) toilet seat covers, it works every time.   Myth: Not everyone looks good in red lipstick Truth: Everyone does look good in red lipstick, they just need to find the right shade.   Myth: Cutting your eyelashes makes them grow fast Truth: …Please just do not cut your eyelashes…   What are some makeup myths on your mind?toilet_seat_cover_1
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  • Bring In 2016 With Glitter

    December 21, 2015

    Good Bye 2015 and Hello 2016. When I think of New Years Eve all I can think is Time Square, lights, cocktails and GLITTER. I am trying to figure out what to wear on this magical night and how exactly to do my make up. Both of these questions have kept me clueless for weeks. My usual night out “go-to look” just does not seem special enough to welcome in 2016. So I have been thinking… why not recreate myself - at least for New Years Eve. Why not look stunning with Smokey Glittery Eyes or Gold Glittery Cheeks.Smokey Glittery Eyes Gold Glittery Cheeks Make up: Eyes: Inglot shadows, Becca eyeliner pencil, and L’OREAL mascara Face: Face Stockholm Mineral foundation, Becca (highlighter), Amazing Cosmetics (concealer and translucent powder), and Inglot (blush). Lips: Butter London   What would I do without my Rougers!
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