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Makeup is more than just polish. It’s pigment. In our hands, you don’t have to be scared to take on a trend. We’ll help you select the perfect pop of color to find your signature look for the season—or the week.


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For any woman who has wished she had a professional makeup artist at her service, Rouge New York is for you. Getting your makeup done shouldn’t be an investment or even just for weddings. At Rouge New York, a flawless makeup application in a relaxed salon setting is for any time you want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.



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The Blog

  • Makeup by: A Non-Makeup Artist

    May 26, 2016

    7b084018-da6e-4e47-8c3f-571e99490962 When I started working at Rouge I never realized it would shape my definition of beauty. Over the years, I was the go to girl for makeup. My friends would line up at my college desk before a night out asking if I had time to do their makeup.  Some of these girls rarely would ever wear makeup (unlike me) so they would want something very natural. At the time, this meant I would just stick to light colors with no sparkle for eye shadow and that was about it. I wish I knew about the levels of services Rouge NY has to offer, it definitely would have made me a better go-to girl. While I love beauty, I am a non-makeup artist at this makeup salon. So, I quickly started learning a whole new language.  From blending to contouring, my makeup and beauty knowledge quickly changed and re-developed. I never fully understood the importance of wearing makeup to emphasize your own beauty. I previously used it to hide the stuff I did not like instead of "highlight" things about me that I did like. It took my first few weeks at Rouge to really understand that makeup is an art like any other; it is built around something beautiful. A “You…Only Better” would’ve been the perfect option for my friends who rarely wore make up but wanted to look like their best self when we were going out. My idea of just using light eye shadow was totally wrong.  A “You..Only Better” literally makes you look like, um, you. Only..Better. Our clients leave looking like their best self. The artist just work with what they already have going for them, and makes it look fresher, more defined. I always picture Beyonce singing "I woke up like this" when the "You...Only Better" client leaves Rouge NY smiling. My go to style at night was my “somewhat” version of a bold choice. I used way too much products and didn’t realize how one feature can really complete a whole look. If I had taken the time to look in a mirror and pick out what I liked best about myself I could’ve worked with it, not against it. I should not have been treating my face as if it was a stranger. The brushes, products, techniques and your own beauty must work together. That is what Rouge has really taught me.
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  • Why I won’t argue if someone calls us a Beauty Bar anymore:

    May 19, 2016

    I was quick to give credit to DryBar for the invention of the "Bar" mentality when it comes to beauty services.  Their clever integration of cocktailing and blowouts is branding at its cutest.  But while we are happy to pour a Campari & soda over here at Rouge, we didn't feel that the bar concept related to us. Well, no longer.  We recently discovered, thanks to the Smithsonian and some expert googling, that the beauty bar was born during the nylon rations of WWII.
    Innovative and resourceful women weren't content to let the lack of hosiery leave their legs bare.  Instead they layered of nude colored makeup and lined the back of each leg with a trompe l’oeil seam giving the illusion of hosiery.
    Resourceful women rigged contraptions like this combo of a screwdriver handle, bicycle leg clip and an ordinary eyebrow pencil to ensure a straight seam.leg contraption (1)
    But sometimes it's best to leave these things to the experts, as we say at Rouge.  So some genius invented the Leg Makeup Bar.  This picture gave me a shiver of delight.  The bar is even tufted!  So what do we think?  Shall we add Hosiery Makeup to the Rouge menu? 1944-leg-makeup-bar
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