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The Rouge Story

Rouge New York provides an enjoyable, affordable, reliable makeup application service. On the set of Law & Order SVU, makeup department head Rebecca Perkins and actress Stephanie March (famous as ADA Alex Cabot) spent countless hours together in “the chair” talking about women and makeup. More and more, Stephanie found herself calling on Rebecca to do her own makeup off-set, first for parties and events. Or any time “I needed Becca to de-lawyer me” laughs March.

Friends commented how great she looked and what a luxury it was to be able to have the services of a talented makeup artist available to her. Rebecca and Stephanie realized that great makeup didn’t have to be—and shouldn’t be—a luxury. Makeup artists should be accessible to all women.

After all, what woman doesn’t look forward to an easy blowout or a manicure? Women know that gorgeous makeup is so hard to do yourself, and an expert application is so satisfyingly transformative. Most women don’t have access to a true, professional makeup artist.

How wonderful would it be to have a place to go to help you design your signature professional look, before a job interview, first date, Saturday (or Wednesday) night out, or the annual meeting? Consider the party where you know you will run into your ex, or the intra-office web video that will live online forever– don’t you want to look your best for those events too?

Rebecca and Stephanie want to share this with every woman.

The Rouge Philosophy

We at Rouge New York believe that every woman should be able to relish the experience of having a beautiful, professional makeup application in a comfortable, relaxing setting. Makeup is about enjoying, playing and enhancing—not covering, hiding and concealing. Whether you have never worn makeup before or own every product on the shelves but want someone else to put it on for you, our artists are here to listen to what you want and then do their thing to make you feel like the prettiest lady in the room.

“This is about you, this is for you. It’s the place you go to make wherever you go next an exceptional experience.”

The Rouge Partners

Rebecca Perkins

Founder/Head Makeup Artist

Working as a makeup artist in film and television for over a decade, Rebecca Perkins has had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s most stunning faces, including Stephanie March, Amanda Peet, Catherine Keener, Katherine McPhee and Jemima Kirke. As the Makeup Department Head on Law & Order SVU, Perkins worked with beauties Mariska Hargitay, Tamara Tunie, Hilary Duff, Cynthia Nixon, Sara Paulson, Misha Barton, Lena Olin and many others.

Perkins has had a lifelong passion for makeup, and with four sisters, she had lots of early practice. “When I was 11 my sister let me do her prom makeup. That’s trust right there!” laughs Perkins. When she went to a women’s college with her huge makeup case, she never looked back.

Perkins loves the transformative artistry of makeup, “I love playing with color and technique, figuring out how best to enhance the beauty of each woman in a way that makes her feel comfortable and listened to.” Fun and play is at the core of her approach to makeup. “It’s about trying something new, taking risks, seeing what works, getting excited about a new look. It’s about enhancing, not hiding or concealing.”

Central to the creation of Rouge New York is Perkins’ own desire and ability to connect to women, to celebrate them and to make them beautiful.

Rebecca is currently obsessed with a bright orange creamy, precise lip.

Stephanie March


Stephanie March, best known for her role as ADA Alex Cabot on TV’s hit series, Law & Order SVU, knows good makeup when she’s wearing it.

She recently starred on Happy Endings and has memorably appeared in 30 Rock, Rescue Me, Grey’s Anatomy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Treatment, Predisposed, and the upcoming film, Innocence. She has been seen onstage in the critically acclaimed revivals of Death of a Salesman, Talk Radio, and Boys’ Life. Stephanie is a travel junkie and a passionate advocate on behalf of women and education. She is a contributing editor to FATHOM, an online travel magazine where she documents both her humanitarian trips and her more indulgent getaways.

Stephanie can’t get enough of a pretty pink blush. “No cheeks, no girl” is her makeup mantra.

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